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I’m Taking a Hiatus from Posting


All of the social media work has begun to take over my life. Something has to go, and I’ve chosen my blog. It takes so much time to do it justice that it’s cut into my more creative work, which is writing short stories and my books. Therefore, I’m retiring this blog for several months while I get caught up with my books and short stories. Bless Y’all. I hope to meet y’all soon at a lecture, or on my FB page. For a unique blogging site, go to Niume.

With much love and affection,                                                                                                   Chéri Vausé




NOIRE MYSTERIES of Chéri Vausé - Chéri Vausé begins all her stories with just one dangerous word. She writes Noir, but she also writes SF, Horror, Gothic, Literary, and Rom Com. After teaching theology for more than 25 years, she retired to write full-time, and has recently broke into the short story market. Her first is Black Monday, in the Wildside Press' Anthology, DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse. Cheri lives in Central Texas on a small ranch with her husband, two dogs, and four ducks.

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