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Finding Meaning in an Indifferent World

The Truth AdI’ve become rather philosophical in my old age and I love this new site where I’ve posted a number of articles. You can subscribe to my posts on the Niume site. Here’s my latest on Finding Meaning:

If we were the inquisitive type back in the sixties and seventies, and even the eighties, when we asked the question, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” or “Why me?” or “What’s It all about?” or “Is there something more than this?”, we would actually seek to find those answers in the traditional and not so traditional places, until we found the answer. Today, not so much. We’re too busy, too preoccupied with our phones, the Internet, too… Well, checked out and disinterested in philosophy, religion, and the great question, “Why?” Yes, indifferent to things that oppose our comfortable view of ourselves and the world. We are more interested in changing our shirts or a pair of shoes or the latest song than in questioning why we exist at all. If anything doesn’t seem to work for us, we will not dig in and labour harder to make it work, or to learn if its valuable to us in the long term. We give up, move on, and that has become our philosophy of life. If it doesn’t work for me, cast it off. because I’m the arbiter of all things good or bad. This is not a healthy viewpoint. There are still those who do quest, and this is for you.

I shall take you back to the time when the first Star Wars Trilogy burst onto the scene with Episode IV: A New Hope in the late seventies… more

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NOIRE MYSTERIES of Chéri Vausé - Chéri Vausé begins all her stories with just one dangerous word. She writes Noir. After teaching theology for more than 25 years, she retired to write full-time. Her genre? Everything from crime fiction to horror. She's even working on several SF stories. Cheri lives in Central Texas on a small ranch with her husband, two dogs, and four ducks.

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