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This sentence is a lie. All lies are untrue. Is that sentence true? To answer it you have to say if it is true, then it’s a lie. This paradox is known as the Liar’s Paradox, first postulated by the Megarians (a Grecian school of philosophical thought founded by Euclides from Megara, a student of Socrates), and the likes of Cicero and Aristotle, but to Mathematicians it’s called, Epimenides Paradox, for having said, “All Cretans are liars.” The paradox lies in that Epimenides is from Crete. The whole Cretan liar thing is also in the New Testament. The Liar’s Paradox was considered one of the insolubilia, meaning it can’t be solved. Lying has become one of the most studied and discussed conditions of humanity. And it makes for interesting reading. Given the extent of the lying going on in political circles and the media, it’s a salient topic for writers, for discussion groups, for understanding ourselves and neighbours better… more.



NOIRE MYSTERIES of Chéri Vausé - Chéri Vausé begins all her stories with just one dangerous word. She writes Noir. After teaching theology for more than 25 years, she retired to write full-time. Her genre? Everything from crime fiction to horror. She's even working on several SF stories. Cheri lives in Central Texas on a small ranch with her husband, two dogs, and four ducks.

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